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Today's Missing Link for Explosive Growth in Member Recruitment and Retention

Prove in Real Numbers that Membership in Your Organization is a Smart Business Decision

Compelling Conversations is the single best way of generating Concrete Conversions...Consistently!

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"Regardless of your organization's approach to member recruitment; organic member-get-a-member, online & social media, or printed materials for postal distribution...nothing is more effective than proving that membership is a smart decision by proving the ROI of membership in real dollar numbers." -Ed Rigsbee

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Ed Rigsbee's Pinpoint Session to the Rescue:

Ed's Pinpoint sessions are 90-minute telephone or Skype calls for Non-Profit Membership Organizations. This session is a pinpoint focus on the solutions you need. Ed laser focuses on the issues most important to you. You set the agenda and Ed offers the coaching and solutions. You email ( your agenda, set up an appointment time (805-498-5720), and he goes to work with focus, for 90 minutes. The fee for your solution-driven pinpoint coaching session is $365.



Ed presenting at India Association Congress in Jaipur, India, August 23, 2014

Recruitment, Retention & Engagement

Active qualitative research, Rigsbee's Member ROI Valuation ProcessTM to determine your organization's ROI (return on investment) in real-dollar numbers will instantly assist your member retention & recruitment efforts. Rigsbee developed his methodology in 2001 and has helping non-profit organizations to prove their member value ever since. 

Ed Rigsbee, Chief Member Evangelist, CAE Certified Association Executive, CSP Certified Speaking Professional, is available to help your association/society board/staff to develop ROI strategies, determine current ROI in real-dollar numbers, build and implement your next grassroots member recruitment or retention campaign, and facilitate your next strategic board meeting. Ed will truly make a difference for your organization. He's passionate about ROI! 

Book a qualitative research session to determine your organization's ROI in today 805-498-5720.

Member ROI delivery and proof is the foundation upon which your non-profit organization's future will depend. For todayís leaders, an annual meeting and twelve monthly magazines, is no longer enough to keep them engaged in association membership. Association executives, itís time stop your membership decrease and start your membership increase. Transform what was membership abandonment, desertion, and forsaking; into member recruitment evangelism. Do this by delivering real-dollar membership ROI. Consider Edís organic & grassroots member-get-a-member campaign for quicker member assimilation and long-term member retention. Turn your organization into valuable communities of reciprocity, delivering the compelling value that leaders of today demand. Do you want your engaged and senior members to become member recruitment evangelists? Then it is time to give them the proper tools. 



"Ed...You were the dynamite that broke up our log jam!" -Phillip Russo, CAE, Executive Director, 

National Association of Fleet Administrators



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You can participate in the member ROI conversation by joining Ed's "Member ROI for Associations and Societies Group" @ Linkedin. Follow the link for the group profile: 



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The Return on Investment of U.S. Business Travel: Executive Summary-2009 

The Return on Investment of U.S. Business Travel: The Complete Study-2009


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"We hired Ed Rigsbee to facilitate our sessions focused on marketing at our annual convention. This was a huge challenge as our members have traditionally not looked at the broader picture in terms of what can be done differently to re-focus our products and thus grow our industry. Ed's succinct, yet gung-ho facilitating process led the members to where THEY thought they initially couldn't  go, to knowing it was the only way to go. For our group, that was huge. Ed has an uncanny ability for professional facilitating. Thanks for setting us our future course."  -Jane McEwen, Executive Director, International Packaged Ice Association

"Ed...Your presentation provided a wonderful educational experience for our Executive Directors. Determining the value of membership in the American Nurses Association has long been an elusive element for our state organizations." -Leo Schargorodski, Executive Director, American Nurses Foundation

"This [Member Value Process] was very timely and our poll from those in attendance was off the charts; they liked you [Ed Rigsbee] and they learned from you." -Jay Hagins, President Houston Society of Association Executives

"Before and during the conference, we were impressed by your willingness to get involved with our association to better understand how we operate. As a neutral third party, you gave us some valuable insights into how we might improve ASQ" -Laurel Nelsen-Rowe, Managing Director, American Society for Quality

"Additionally, your member valuation session created great value for us. We now can better communicate the high-level return on investment our members receive from their membership." -John Fullerton, Vice President, National Frame Builders Association

"It was obvious to me that you did your research on our industry. From the additional breakout session on member value, that was enlightening, to the post-conference article you wrote for us about all that NADCA does for its members, you really delivered." Aaron Mindel, Executive Director, National Air Duct Cleaners Association

"Thank you for doing a fantastic job of customizing your presentation to the focus of our meeting and the needs of our attendees. Your skill of educating with humor kept attendees alert, curious and appreciative of the message which all associations need to contemplate - membership value. Our Fall Education Forum is meant to be high level education and I would recommend your session 'Your Members are asking: "What's in it for me?"' to anyone!" -Rick Brush, CEO/President, California Society of Association Executives

"Your presentation was well informed and provided a wealth of information in a concise and humorous manner. Participants enjoyed having the opportunity to hear your insight on partnering and gave the program a rating of excellent." -Kerry Parker, CAE, Executive Vice President, Northern California Society of Association Executives

"The information you shared with the membership was extremely useful and interesting." -Larry Vinson, Executive Director, Alabama Council of Association Executives

"Valuable information...thoughtful and useful guidelines." -Joan Tezak, CAE, CMP, Executive Director, Colorado Society of Association Executives

"Attendees rated your sessions good to excellent and the comments included: Nice powerful message with funny & lighthearted style. Good exercise on membership value $. Great ideas!" -Jane Svinicki, Executive Vice President, Wisconsin Society of Association Executives



The Member ROI Guy: Ed Rigsbee, CAE, CSP

805-498-5720 or or Skype: Ed_Rigsbee

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